Pure Storage has designed FlashBlade, the first flash bay dedicated to Big Data with the capacity to significantly increase I/O and metadata performance for an efficient scale-out system.
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Equipped for big data and artificial intelligence

FlashBlade is designed from a database for the analysis of your data and offers you instant results with its 100% modular flash technology.

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Start with 7 blades and extend the capacity to 75 blades, for a maximum gross capacity of 4Po.

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Purity enables the global management of your FlashBlade with DirectFlash technology, enhancing the scalability, simplicity and density of your infrastructure.

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Enjoy latency close to a millisecond.

What makes your FlashBlade unique.

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Scalability on demand

Increase the performance and capacity of your equipment by simply adding new blades, up to 15 blades per FlashBlade, without interruption of service.

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Simplified administration

With the integrated GUI/CLI interface and available support, the administration of a FlashBlade is within the reach of a single administrator.

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Ultra-low latency

DirectFlash ensures that no operation depends on disks. With FlashBlade, users benefit from 100% flash constant latency.

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Ironclad resilience

The blades are programmed to operate in an N+2 redundant manner for uninterrupted service continuity.

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Ethernet throughput 320 Gb/s

The Ethernet speed reaches 320 Gb/s, which ensures almost instantaneous communication between the Purity instances running on each of the blades.

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High-performance metadata

FlashBlade provides a horizontally deployed metadata map, used by all layers of the system to achieve outstanding performance.

The ideal solution for simplicity

Easy to deploy

It is very easy to deploy FlashBlade, with a minimum of 7 blades. All licenses are included and our engineers help you integrate everything into your infrastructure.

Easy to evolve

Your FlashBlade can easily evolve with new blades, with capacities ranging from 8 to 52TB. Hot upgrade without interruption.

Easy to manage

With its simplified interface and Pure1, administering FlashBlade requires a minimum of time.

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