Cookie Policy

We attach great importance to your privacy and thus make the points of our policy transparent.


A cookie is the equivalent of a small text file stored on your computer. The information we receive is valuable to us because it allows us to offer you content based on your needs and expectations. The objective is to make it easier for you to navigate through our site. However, you should be aware that no personal information is contained in cookies. What's more, they are in no way spyware or viruses.

A simple example: you visit the "Outsourcing" section of our website. We can detect thanks to these algorithms that you are of interest for the delegation of personnel. We will then be able to present you with content related to this activity at a later date, especially during your next visit to the site.

Finally, it is important to know that several types of cookies exist. Please find below the different types of cookies that Darest's site uses.

Performance and tracking cookies

We use performance and tracking cookies to continually improve our website to provide you with an online experience tailored to your needs.

Personalization cookies

We use personalization cookies to facilitate your access to the website. We use them so that you can see the home page and the language of your country.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are required for the website to work properly. We use them to give you access to premium services using your Darest profile. Technical cookies cannot be disabled.