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Pure Storage presents its new 100% flash revolution: FlashArray //X. The storage array designed for the Cloud era, 100% flash, 100% NVMe.
And //X is evergreen, so it evolves with time.
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FlashArray, storage for your needs according to your budget

FlashArray is the solution that meets your specific infrastructure needs with its 100% flash technology. Start with the FlashArray that suits your needs and then increase its performance and capacity over time, without interruption, with Evergreen.

Pure Storage FlashArray //X - Direct Flash - Darest Informatic
FlashArray //X - Simplicity - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

FlashArray //X: simplicity

FlashArray //X works in total autonomy. It has an availability of 99.9999% since its first version released in 2015, with maintenance and upgrades operations without interruption.
Your data is always available, always fast and always secure.

FlashArray //X - Efficiency - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

FlashArray //X : efficiency

Thanks to its latency of close to a microsecond, FlashArray //X groups all your applications by reducing the required energy, considerably reducing the space you need but also lowering your costs. Make your IT infrastructure as flexible as the Cloud.

What slows down your 100% flash storage array?

In order to reduce slowdowns in your flash storage bays, it is necessary to remove bottlenecks. To do this, Pure Storage introduces DirectFlash: software that manages your storage.
Leveraging the full power of flash storage, you get 50% higher latency, 5x higher density, and 15-30% more usable capacity.

The DirectFlash process

Schema DirectFlash - PureStorage - Darest Informatic

FlashArray, a bay adapted to every need and every budget

FlashArray meets all your IT needs: from accelerating simple workloads to consolidating a 100% flash Cloud. You choose the FlashArray you need, and can increase its performance and capabilities at any time.

//X est Evergreen

FlashArray is unique for its kind. As time goes by, it gets better. Indeed, FlashArray //X benefits from Evergreen Storage, ensuring access to continuous hardware and software innovation, without titanic upgrades, data migration or even capacity buybacks.

EverGreen - FlashArray - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic