Why choose Pure Storage?

The ability to transform your business today and prepare for the future. Pure Storage® provides you with the power and reliability to solve the most challenging administrative or IT problems.

Leading the 100% Flash revolution

If Pure Storage is a leader in this sector, it is due to its desire to continually innovate and to share these innovations with as many people as possible. And Pure Storage is not alone in stating this, as evidenced by the Gartner Magic Quadrant and IDC MarketScape reports.

Pure Storage - Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant
NPS Score - Satisfaction Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

A single number: 79

The extreme simplicity of our products and our desire to satisfy customers have earned us unfailing support. With an NPS score of 79 awarded by Satmetrix, we are by far the most popular technology provider among our customers (NPS: Net Promoter Score)

One word: updating

How about a storage system that is constantly being updated? Whose performance and value would be guaranteed for at least ten years, without the need for new purchases every three years? Performance that would be accessible with no interruption, no migration, no titanic upgrades? One solution: an Evergreen Storage system, offered exclusively by Pure Storage.

Evergreen Storage - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

A single objective: profitability. In three months.

Forrester describes in detail all the economic benefits of St Luke's 100% flash Pure Storage solution for its VDI environment, including a 234% return on investment in just three months.

Financial benefits Pure Storage - Forrester - Darest Informatic

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