HP Wolf Security

Millions of employees now work from home, leading to a paradigm shift: IT security must follow.

HP Wolf Security

Designed to protect endpoints to the fullest, HP Wolf Security also protects software and services.

The most important evolution for your terminals and software

Get robust protection built directly into HP computers and printers with multi-layered operating system security, giving you a solid foundation for building business resilience.

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State-of-the-art security software

Reduce your exposure to attacks and restore attacked firmware to HP Wolf Security. Then strengthen your security with self-repairing firmware through memory-based vulnerability detection and threat isolation.

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Solutions for all companies

Self-managed and fully managed services give your team access to cyber security experts and powerful analysis tools. All the support you need to optimally manage your endpoints is provided.

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Stay ahead of the game when it comes to PC and printer security

Home networks are a favourite playground for hackers. With vulnerabilities on the rise, the security of your endpoints is the primary necessity to avoid problems.

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Since the start of the pandemic, cyber attacks have increased by 400%. The HP Elite, Z and Pro Series PCs have many security features pre-installed to enable your teams to work safely from anywhere.

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Hackers target vulnerable printers to infiltrate home networks. With continuous hardware protection and HP Wolf Security software, you can print without fear.

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An HP Wolf Security Centre will soon allow you to receive the latest threat alerts and updates to keep your systems safe.

Your first line of defence is your employees

The world's most security-conscious organisations use HP Wolf Enterprise Security to eliminate high-risk threat vectors, so their teams can stay focused on what really matters. Are you doing enough to protect your business?

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