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Workstations HP Z4/Z6/Z8

The most powerful workstation created by HP. From the workstation Z4 to the Z8, discover a concentration of power for your activities requiring very high performance.

HP Z4: The best-selling workstation Z

Ideal for engineering, the HP Z4 offers standard performance for a variety of applications. With server-quality processing and an extensive feature set, get everything you need.

HP Z4 - Workstation - Darest Informatic
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HP Z6: A concentrate of power ready for the future

HP Workstation Z6 - Darest Informatic

Ideal for special effects and rendering, the HP Z6 model offers a range of processing power and component expansion flexibility.

HP Z8: Extreme power

Run 3D simulations and edit your 8K video content in real time with high-quality workstation components and the highest memory capacity available. No matter which Z workstation you use, the power is there.

HP Workstation Z8 - Darest Informatic


Advanced security features are standard on every HP Z Workstation. Rest assured that your data is safe with HP Sure Start, the industry's first BIOS with automatic repair and intrusion detection.

Extremely quiet

Innovative ventilation slots and ducts streamline airflow to ensure ultra-quiet performance.

Ready for virtual reality

Visualize your work by experiencing ultra-fluid virtual reality. The HP Z8 Workstation features high-performance processors and graphics cards to make virtual reality real.

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