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Roomz, the ideal Swiss solution for managing your workspaces. Quick and simple integration at a reasonable cost.

The solution for any shared workspace

Roomz can be used in a shared workspace, a conference room, a hospital room or even in classrooms.

Keep it simple

No cables required
Roomz can be mounted on glass, wood or stone walls and requires no wiring.
All communications are encrypted, and with the on-premise variant the data remains internal.
Wifi connection
Roomz connects to your existing Wi-Fi network. OPEN, WEP, WPA2 and WPA2-Enterprise standards are supported.
Low power consumption
Roomz Display has at least 2 years of battery life and Roomz Sensors will last 4 years.
Cloud or On-Premise
Roomz can be used in two ways: directly from the cloud or completely within its own IT infrastructure.
Environmental benefits
Roomz solutions have very low energy consumption. A further step towards a sustainable workspace.

One screen, one sensor

ROOMZ Display
The Roomz Display screen provides you with information on the status of a space such as a conference room and allows employees to book directly on site if the room is available.
ROOMZ Sensor
Roomz Sensor sees that rooms are automatically released when the sensor has not detected anyone for a certain period of time.

Roomz connects to your existing reservation system

Roomz is developed and assembled in Switzerland with the greatest care.

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