Acceleration, consolidation, automation by Pure Storage

Pure Storage simplifies acceleration and consolidation for all workloads with the power of the new generation of storage.
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FlashArray //X - Efficiency - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant on storage bays for 5 years

FlashArray //X - Efficiency - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

Top 1% of brands in customer satisfaction - NPS score of 86.6 Satmetrix certified

FlashArray //X - Efficiency - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic

Leading the IDC Marketspace report on all 100% flash storage bays

Accelerate your critical applications

Directflash 100% NVMe offers maximum performance for all level 1 applications such as SQL, Oracle & SAP. DirectFlash makes the NVMe accessible for all workloads.

100% flash consolidation

DirectFlash's density allows you to simplify the infrastructure. Power all workloads to flash. With data reduction, QoS and 99.9999% Pure availability, you benefit from secure and cost-effective consolidation. You save racks and space on your datacenter.

Automate your cloud

Complete and ready-to-use automation with VMWare, Microsoft and Open Source clouds as well as open APIs for full integration, such as the latest platforms based on their containers.

Open the field of opportunities to developers

DevOps is the key to continuously improving innovation and productivity. Developers can instantly manage development environments themselves.

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Leader Magic Quadrant Storage Bays

Pure Storage - Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant
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Leading IDC report on storage bays

IDC Report - Pure Storage - Darest Informatic Sticker
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The new generation of analytics

Consolidate your data pipeline

Establish your own 100% flash data pipeline, collecting all your data silos. Anticipate potential future problems related to Big Data.

Transform your Data Lake

Analytical tools are sometimes slow and complex. Modernize your traditional cluster with the 100% Flash Cloud, designed to provide interactive queries and real-time results with the tool of your choice.

Expand your data warehouse

Modernize your data warehouse with new 100% flash performance levels and real-time data batches/pipelines from a single integrated data platform.

Improve the efficiency of your data


Pure Storage - Flash Array m - Darest Informatic

100% flash storage bays for medium and large enterprises that accelerate the performance of your storage.



Pure Storage - FlashBlade - Darest Informatic

Accelerate your business and IT infrastructure by consolidating all your data in the 100% flash Cloud.


Evergreen Storage

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Enjoy the Pure guarantee of continuous software and hardware innovation, without disruption, shutdown or data migration.